Is a LIMS the right solution for your lab?

In our eBook, "Has Life Science R&D Moved Beyond Traditional LIMS", we discuss the capabilities that Benchling shares with many LIMS and highlight where Benchling can deliver more value to your lab than a typical LIMS.

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Benchling seamlessly integrates LIMS inventory management with an ELN

Build a digital window into your physical lab

LIMS inventory management capabilities can help your lab track reagent and instrument usage, providing a searchable digital record of your lab’s supplies and equipment. The advent of electronic lab notebook (ELN) technology has promised the ability to build a similar digital representation of your studies, and some R&D labs choose to have both of these separate systems.

However, by combining LIMS inventory management capabilities with an ELN in a single, unified interface, you can increase efficiency, simplify operations for your scientists, and understand the status of your lab from the convenience of a single dashboard.


Benchling provides LIMS inventory management capabilities and more

With Benchling you can represent more of your lab in a digital format than with a traditional LIMS, increasing efficiency, scientific insight, and operational insight.

Optimize space usage while keeping track of the locations, expiration dates, lot numbers, and amounts of reagents and consumables:

  • Organize the lab the way you need it with custom inventory structures and hierarchies

  • Gain insight into supply levels of critical reagents and consumables when you link them to Notebook entries where you can track consumption and materials use

  • See exactly where to find the reagents you need when you link entities in your inventory to protocols, workflows, samples, and Notebook entries

  • Save time entering and tracking inventory entries with label scanning and barcode printing

  • Reduce time spent entering the same information into multiple systems with a single, unified interface for ELN and LIMS inventory management capabilities

  • Track instrument usage with Benchling Workflows to help manage maintenance and calibration schedules

Benchling’s straightforward point-and-click interface gives designated users the ability to easily configure and reconfigure inventory structures as needed—no vendor interaction required and no coding necessary. Learn more about Benchling’s codeless configuration capabilities.

By thinking about the information needs of typical life science R&D labs and combining solutions into a single, unified, cloud-based interface, Benchling delivers unparalleled efficiencies and insights beyond what a typical LIMS can offer.

“With Benchling, it’s so much faster and easier to find the information that you want, and share information even in real time. Series of experiments go faster, program timelines go faster, and it shortens the timelines for the development of our therapeutics.”
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Brenda MinesingerPrincipal Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics

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