Is a LIMS the right solution for your lab?

In our eBook, "Has Life Science R&D Moved Beyond Traditional LIMS", we discuss the capabilities that Benchling shares with many LIMS and highlight where Benchling can deliver more value to your lab than a typical LIMS.

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Benchling offers LIMS reporting capabilities that streamline compliance and deliver operational insights

Preparing for an audit by a regulatory body can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you need to pull records from multiple software systems. LIMS reporting tools should make this process easier, but for many organizations, the reality is not so straightforward. Issues can arise as a company grows. LIMS configured when a company is smaller and has simpler needs are difficult to adapt to new, more complex workflows—creating gaps in record tracing and headaches during audits.


Here’s where Benchling can help.

A unified, cloud-based informatics solution for R&D labs, Benchling provides LIMS reporting functionality that can help you efficiently prepare for regulatory audits and deliver insights.

With Benchling Registry and Inventory, you can track samples, reagents, and consumables on their journey through your lab, record assays using the Notebook application, and even automate data collection by integrating laboratory hardware. Because you can configure Benchling to link all types of information to each sample—including the assay, the instruments used, the operator, and all the electronic signatures and approvals—you can quickly find the information an auditor requests.

Even better, keeping Benchling up-to-date with your lab’s changing needs is easy for your organization’s designated administrator to accomplish. Adjusting Benchling’s configuration relies on an easy click-based user interface and does not require any vendor intervention or coding.

With Benchling, you can:

  • Meet regulatory requirements with application controls such as locking electronic signatures, restricting user access, and strict versioning of all edits for audit trails

  • Quickly and efficiently respond to auditor requests with comprehensive, standardized digital records (including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance)

  • Generate customized dashboards and reports for insight into operational efficiency and productivity

  • Easily reconfigure and update Benchling to meet the changing needs of evolving organizations

  • Meet your lab’s information needs from a single, unified, cloud-based interface

The benefits of Benchling go beyond providing LIMS reporting functionality, however. With Benchling, your organization can also access comprehensive ELN capabilities and molecular biology tools for a truly seamless digital experience. The results for your business are great, with increased efficiency and productivity. But the results for your co-workers are even better, with a digital tool that is easy to use and gets out of their way, rather than in their way.

“It feels good to have something automated with just a single click, where before it took half an hour. As more people are getting familiar with the software, we’re saving even more time.”
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Brenda MinesingerPrincipal Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics

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