Is a LIMS the right solution for your lab?

In our eBook, "Has Life Science R&D Moved Beyond Traditional LIMS", we discuss the capabilities that Benchling shares with many LIMS and highlight where Benchling can deliver more value to your lab than a typical LIMS.

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Benchling provides LIMS automation and instrument integration capabilities

One of the advantages of a LIMS system is the ability to manage automated instruments and even automate data collection, which accelerates workflows, reduces the error of manual data entry, and frees up time for greater productivity. However, as we’ve mentioned in earlier chapters, the promise of efficiency with LIMS automation capabilities can be compromised by non-intuitive user interfaces and the complexity of configuring the system. And even when a lab is completely happy with their LIMS automation and instrument management setup, they may find it difficult to reap the full benefits of moving to an all electronic information system due to challenges integrating LIMS with an ELN.


With Benchling you can have that single, cloud-based information system that integrates all of your automated workflows and data collection with sample management, inventory management, and ELN capabilities. Connect every instrument, every team, and every dataset to increase efficiency and data integrity.

With Benchling, you can:

  • Enhance productivity—remove manual tasks from your workflow, such as transferring or transcribing large quantities of data, to increase scientist productivity and reach your milestones faster

  • Improve data integrity—automatically sync data from instrument runs across all Benchling applications, removing the need for manual transcription and minimizing the risk of human error

  • Orchestrate your robotics—easily create robot programming instructions based on your unique input parameters and select samples that are digitally stored in your Benchling Inventory

  • Simplify sample and inventory management—automatically create and update entities in Registry and Inventory, including remaining sample and reagent amounts

Benchling’s Developer Platform suits the flexibility and speed of modern life science R&D. Our system’s REST APIs, Events-triggered integrations, and built-in Data Warehouse work together to provide a centralized platform for seamlessly integrating Benchling into your digital ecosystem.

“Our customers increasingly demand end-to-end data traceability tracked through a sample management software that is integrated with automation. We are delighted to work with Benchling to deliver on this need.”
Jason MeredithHead of Software Product Management at Tecan

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