Is a LIMS the right solution for your lab?

In our eBook, "Has Life Science R&D Moved Beyond Traditional LIMS", we discuss the capabilities that Benchling shares with many LIMS and highlight where Benchling can deliver more value to your lab than a typical LIMS.

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Benchling provides LIMS workflow management capabilities with codeless configuration

Standardize and track R&D workflows from discovery through bioprocessin

Life science R&D is complex, quickly evolving, and multidisciplinary, requiring diverse instruments and sophisticated processes. To maintain productivity, quickly identify bottlenecks, and forecast success and failure, workflow standardization and transparency is imperative—and achievable with Benchling as a LIMS workflow management system.

Conventional LIMS attempt to standardize life science R&D workflows but often lack simplified dashboards and are incompatible with newly introduced instruments and software. This creates delays when transitioning through the commercialization lifecycle and threatens the health of the company’s software infrastructure.

Life science companies need a system that can standardize their workflows and adapt to the changing needs of the company. Benchling is optimized for life science workflows for everything from early research through development.

When deployed as a LIMS workflow management system, Benchling unifies departments, brings full transparency to experimental processes, and eliminates data silos between projects, teams, and instruments, making teams more productive, efficient, and accountable so their next project milestone can be achieved on time.

Rather than devote a substantial amount of budget trying to configure and integrate outdated software, you can focus on more innovative, forward-looking IT projects.


Meet your study and productivity goals

Companies using Benchling can organize their scientific workflow into trackable stages and can test new variations to optimize and sustain outputs—so teams can meet their goals day-to-day and long term.

Organize and standardize processes

  • Create Workflows templates that link to specific samples and protocols to standardize execution across your R&D organization

  • Flexibly adjust processes to support evolving research needs and automatically track workflow versions

  • Capture results on a stage-by-stage basis

  • Coordinate process fulfillment across teams and collaborators

  • Create templated notebook entries to standardize process creation and entry

Rapidly optimize workflows

  • Identify bottlenecks in your processes and test new process variations on the fly without the need for any coding

  • Capture and manage data in unstructured and structured formats

  • Coordinate multi-team project transitions by eliminating manual handoffs

Track and visualize experiments and workflows

  • Track the progress of any R&D process in real-time and promptly fix things that get broken

  • Structure experiments with branches based on different inputs and conditions

  • Visualize experiment branching and sample lineage

  • Build custom dashboards to analyze processes across studies or programs

Predict successes and failures

  • Compare the outputs, speed, and efficiency of your processes to identify predictors of success and failure

  • Mine trends easily, trace historical context, and assess effects of conditions to optimize research processes

  • Enable executives to leverage the entirety of their organization’s data to inform business decisions

Benchling seamlessly integrates into life science R&D workflows and is built to be configured through an intuitive UI by designated client-side administrators, so they can rapidly adapt the system to their organization’s evolving workflows without depending on vendors.

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