Your single source of truth for biotech R&D

The Benchling R&D Cloud is built for scientific work. It maximizes productivity for Discovery and Development teams collaborating in an integrated, extensible platform.

Capture, standardize, and centralize R&D data

  • Manage large-scale, interconnected data on a wide array of biological molecules, including DNA, RNA, amino acids, proteins, and cell lines.
  • Work with data types such as experimental data, operational procedures, and observations.
  • Establish shared ontologies with standardized data formats to make search and data collation easy.
  • Minimize risks and provide data governance tools to control access and ensure compliance.

Connect R&D teams to work and learn, together

  • Accelerate sequence design, manage experiments, capture results, and track samples in a single consolidated platform.
  • Record higher-integrity data, faster.
  • Plan, manage, and track interdependent activities and view the full scope of programs in real-time.
  • Quickly validate data and information across teams.

Ask new questions, get new insights

  • Generate reports based on samples and results from completed workstreams, then visualize and share these metrics.
  • Use dashboards to analyze operational KPIs such as program velocity, resource allocation, and productivity.
  • Inform decisions critical to the R&D pipeline with access to scientific analytics with and across programs.
  • Gain access to powerful AI/ML algorithms with predictive analytics capabilities.
  • Learn more about embedded scientific analytics throughout Benchling plus dashboards and reports.

Maximize connectivity, compliance, and security

  • Reduce IT overhead by building and hosting workflows in an all-in-one cloud.
  • Integrate seamlessly via open APIs so Benchling can serve as a real-time, event-driven interface.
  • Configure ETL tools into your R&D instrument and digital ecosystem, including with machine-driven R&D.
  • Work within an infrastructure that’s compliant with industry-leading security, privacy, and regulatory standards.

Join over 200,000 scientists using Benchling to power their biotech R&D

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